Activities to do after Dabbing?

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So, you just went into your Local dispensary in Maryland, Nevada or Arizona, and picked up one of our many Black Label Products (Learn More).  Now you are at home and ready to smoke a delicious dab out of your favorite rig.  What are you going to do after? Now do not just veg out, get productive, here are some activities to help you out!


Let’s talk about how to enjoy your activity while dabbed out. Cannabis makes everything better so regardless of the activity it will be enhanced. Controlling the effects and analyzing what is going on is what separates the typical consumer from the connoisseur. 

Being mindful of what is going on also gives one the ability to get a grip of results that are not as expected, or undesirable, and re-work those feelings into a positive experience. If you feel nervous, remember to be confident. You deserve to be. You can feel good about using quality cannabis extracted by Black Label. Keep in mind, you are giving your endocannabinoid system a boost and that is taking care of yourself. Self-care is important and cannabis contributes to that. 


When you have control and are feeling good it’s time to have some fun. One suggestion it to get started with a workout. If you are not going to do an hour in the gym, then drop and give us 20 push-ups or burpees or maybe even air squats. Exercise will get the blood flowing and move the cannabis around your system with greater oxygen levels. What’s another way to enjoy your experience? How about satisfying your appetite! Prepare yourself a meal. Boil some rice, cut up some fruit, cook some tacos, the possibilities are endless. Once your food is ready, your mouth will be watering, and it will be so rewarding to dig in.


After a workout and meal it is time to analyze options. Playing video games is not a bad idea. Sit on the couch with some bottles of water, blankets, a fully charged controller and it is time to hit the sticks. Going for a walk is also a great idea. Put your walking shoes on and get some fresh air. Go down to a creek, enjoy the sound of the running river and take in the ambiance. Whatever you do, please be safe. Do not operate machinery or drive. Using good judgment is crucial and being able to control the dab will allow you to make good decisions. 

Those are a few ideas on what to do when dabbing. The world of possibilities is endless. Please let us know what you like to do after a dab. Now go get your dab on!

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