What some of the Best Dab Rig Setups?

Best Dab Rig Setups

Dab rigs are water pipes that are used for smoking Black Label concentrates such as shatter, sugar, or batter. Rapidly growing in popularity, these apparatuses are in high demand. How do you pick the right dab rig?
Dab rigs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. While everybody has their own preference of what works the best for them, and everybody is entitled to their opinions, there are options that offer high quality consumption. Between the rig, the nail, and the cap – the possibilities are endless!


The Dab Rig

Glass Rig: The most common and highest desired version of dab rigs. Often these come with some form of percolator, which helps ensure the cleanest smoke for the highest quality hit. These glass rigs can come in a variety of styles and colors and are often treated as pieces of art, along with their high functionality.

Electric Rig: The most convenient version of dab rigs. While there can be a lot of different styles to these as well, the idea is always the same – no torch needed. The beauty of electric rigs is the avoidance of using a flame, and the ability to reach the perfect temperature for your concentrates. Temperature is a very important factor that can drastically alter the quality of dab effects and taste.


The Nail

Titanium Nail: It is undebatable that these are the most durable of all nails. However, they are certainly not the most preferred. They offer the least amount of flavor and can wear down with consistent use. Generally speaking, heating any sort of metal is not desired in comparison to the other options available.

Ceramic Nail: These offer the best potential flavor of all nails – making them certainly desirable. The downside to ceramic nails is that they will expand and crack over consistent use. That leaves them as merely temporary options.

Quartz Nail: The most common and trustworthy of all potential nails. With proper maintenance, these can last for quite some time before needing to be replaced. They also offer high quality taste and heat retention. Overall, this is considered the best nail choice.

The Cap

Standard Cap: These are common and come in a variety of different forms. They cover the nail as the concentrate melts on it, with only a tiny hole for airflow. This allows the concentrate to look like it is in an over, rather than on a stove.

Directional Cap: Not very different from a standard cap, except it allows for a further potential to stir up the concentrates as they melt. Having a little stem that points a certain direction, this can create a tornado of concentrate smoke. This allows the concentrate to melt while moving around, offering the most even melting that can be achieved.

Everybody likes something different, and all options and pieces can be mix-and-matched to personal preference. This general oversight of the various parts of a dab rig can serve as a guide to best choosing each component – and there’s no harm in trying them all with some of your favorite Black Label concentrates!

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