What are the best Strains for Consumption?

Black Label products range vastly, covering everything from vape cartridges to diamonds. While all Black Label products are well loved, a category that is particularly popular is shatter. Let’s break off a dab and begin a little session!

Cured vs Resin 

Black Label Shatter is a Cured Resin Shatter, which means that the cannabis plant was cured before being processed into concentrate. This method of making concentrates provides a more full-spectrum product, which will offer a more “stoned high” feeling. On the flip side of Resins, Live Resin concentrates come from processed plant material that was frozen the instant it was harvested – freshly preserving the terpenes and cannabinoid, thus giving more flavor to the product. Both Cured Resin and Live Resin can provide excellent results, it is all a matter of preference. 

Today was a Cured Resin day. 

Which Strain(s) to Smoke 

When choosing a strain, it is always good to know what you are in the mood for. Attempting to sleep? Try some Skull Cap.
Need to find pain relief? Give King Mamba a shot.
Want to start your day the right way? Lemon Pastry is the key.
With so many great Black Label products out on the market, it is hard to truly go wrong with your decision. However, if you need to choose– Citrus Medley is going to be the smartest option!

Flavors and Feeling 

Citrus Medley comes with everything it sounds like it would. This strain offers a mix of citrus tastes. At the tail end of the taste is a more earthy aroma – to balance the tangy citrus tastes. The sharp, fruity flavors come from Limonene – a common terpene that helps boost mood and increase brain function. The earthy flavors are a product of Myrcene. Myrcene is a sedating and relaxing terpene that can relieve stress and pain simultaneously. Just like any good medley, there is a proper blend of Limonene and Myrcene in this shatter, giving it the perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation.