What Are The Different Cannabis Concentrates?

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What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are – simply put – concentrated cannabis. It is the direct result of distilling the most desirable parts of the cannabis plant for consumption. Concentrates can come in many different forms, depending on the process used to make said concentrates, that include:

  • Shatter
  • Batter
  • Sugar
  • Diamonds

What’s The Difference?

Differences in types of concentrate come with some facts, and plenty of opinion! Some people love a good shatter, and others will only smoke diamonds. The largest difference amongst them is the consistency of the concentrate. Luckily, there is enough variety to satisfy everybody’s wants and needs.


The most known concentrate is shatter. It is the ultimate beginning spot for any rookie dabber. This is primarily because of its consistency. It is glass like, except more ply-able like Silly Putty. Often it can come in forms more specifically called “Pull and Snap”, because you can literally pull and snap a piece off!

Batter + Sugar

Very popular categories of concentrates are Batters and Sugars. Once again, the consistencies are a spitting image of the names. Batters literally can look like peanut butter, or like cake batter. Sugars – as well – resemble sugar almost identically. Sugar is typically composed of tiny THCa crystals mixed with a very small amount of terpenes. These concentrates can typically yield the greatest percentages of terpenes – or the components that offer specific aromas, tastes, and effects. Terpenes are predominantly sought out by the dab connoisseurs.


Some would consider Diamonds to be the “crème de la crème” of concentrates. Their name is no mistake, these dabs look just like little crystal rocks. They are the ultimate extraction of THC – sometimes testing as high as 98% THC. While these extra potent concentrates sound strong, they often come with little, to no, terpene value to them. A lot of times diamonds can be accompanied by sauce – a low THC, high terpene counterpart to give the dabs the best of both worlds. Looking for some Premium Diamond products? Check out MPX HERE.

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