The Best Choice!

What is it?

Black Label is a brand of cannabis concentrates that originated in the Southwest. We process cured flower to create a wide variety of products, including cartridges and dabs in various consistencies. Processing cured flower versus “live” flower allows the cannabis to reach the end of the cultivation process entirely, which offers the best value of full plant for the concentrates to come. Black Label has the capability to make anybody’s favorite products, and at a reasonable price!

Why is it worth it?

Black Label Brand offers cured concentrates that are typically browner in color, which shows the essence of the plant material. Using whole plant starting material offers the consumer beneficial properties. The entire cannabis plant is useful to the endocannabinoid system of the human body and retaining cannabinoids in concentrates is an often-overlooked step. Only Black Label can offer the full extent of the plant for best consumption.

Our sister company, Melting Point Extracts, has taken their extraction experience and transferred their knowledge to Black Label so consumers can feel confident that they are getting product from one of the most skilled extraction companies in the country. Along with quality, Black Label strives to maintain affordable prices, making our products highly competitive in all markets where Black Label is present – in all categories of concentrate!

Overall, it is never a wrong choice to purchase a new Black Label concentrate, in any form!

What do they offer?

Black Label is an all-encompassing cannabis extraction company. We make a little of everything for everyone. We produce distillate cartridges, crumble, shatter, sugar, and batter. If you’re going to get any of your favorites, make it Black Label!