Why Black Label Cartridges!

Black Label Cartridges

When you are choosing amongst the wide variety of Black Label products – cartridges are always an excellent choice, especially for people who are exploring concentrates for the first time! With all the many concentrate options, some may ask, “why cartridges?”. There is not just one best answer – but several.

Ease of Use
The easiest consumption method is cartridges, with either simple options of being draw-activated or button-activated. Vaping a cartridge comes with no prep-work like smoking flower or concentrates. Cartridges are also small, portable, and can be consumed nearly anywhere. Cartridges are the best bet for anybody who lives a lifestyle that’s always active or on the move.

Consuming cannabis products can be quite the messy task. If it’s flower, there is always left over shake on the table, or on your clothes. If it’s concentrates, there can be sticky fingers, surfaces and tools. With cartridges, you won’t experience any of these issues and there is no clean up. Cartridges are ready to go when you’re ready, and it’s ready to be put away immediately after.

What’s easier than a quick puff and then continuing with your day? Nothing at all. The simplicity, cleanliness and ease of use that we have already discussed leads to people’s favorite feature of cartridges – the discreet use. Vapes can be smoked almost anywhere and hardly produce any vapor or smell at all. Being designed as a slim pen makes it hardly noticeable to most people. Overall, if you’re looking to consume cannabis but need to be sneaky about it – vape cartridges are the way to go.

Cartridges are universally loved by most cannabis consumers for reasons we could continue to list all day long. If you’ve tried one before, then you understand. If you haven’t, then you are in for a real treat. Next time you’re picking your favorite Black Label products – give a Black Label cartridge a try!