Cured Resin vs Live Resin

Cured Resin vs Live Resin

In the world of concentrates, there is a lot of room for confusion amongst all the names and adjectives used to describe certain products. Two very common types of concentrates that many do not understand are: cured resin and live resin. So, let’s clear the smoke on what exactly they are!

Cured Resin

Concentrates made to be cured resin are very common – and widely popular! Cured Resin refers to the last steps the plant experiences before being processed into concentrate form. To become a cured resin concentrate, the plant is harvested, dried, and cured fully before the extraction process begins. This method offers concentrates that end with smells and tastes very true to that of the plant itself. Those aromas come from the full-plant that is retained within the extract, offering every bit the harvested cannabis plant had to offer.

Cured resin can be found in many forms, but is most likely seem as:

  • Cured resin shatter
  • Cured resin batter
  • Cured resin sugar

Live Resin

Similar to Cured Resin, Live Resin is another common form of cannabis extract. This version focuses on preserving terpenes as well as whole plant cannabis material. Live Resin is made from starting material that is harvested and immediately frozen, so it remains “live”. By flash freezing the cannabis plant, terpenes and cannabinoids are retained and therefore, the taste and effect is nearly identical to the cultivar. Generally, the tastes and smells of Live Resin are terpenes in entirely and, often, these products have a medium to high THC percentage.

Live Resin can be found commonly in the forms of:

  • Live Resin Batter
  • Live Resin Sugar
  • Live Resin THCa Diamonds

In conclusion

Live Resin tends to be geared towards the connoisseur and tagged with a premium price. On the other hand, Cured Resin tends to be more reasonably priced and accessible to people who are looking for a more budget-friendly option. However, both concentrates have their benefits, and every user has their preference – hence why both have their place in the cannabis industry. 

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