What Temperature should I burn my Dabs?

Figuring out the perfect temperature for dabs is a process. There is a lot that goes into figuring out when to drop that wax in the bucket after you heat it up. At Black Label THC we have some of the highest quality concentrates, batters and sugars but that does not mean all devices and techniques are equal.

Hot Dabs ( 600 degrees or above ) 

Some dabbers like hot dabs. They like to cough and get that red face whilst gasping for air. This is how the hard core rolls, the old school. If you don’t cough you don’t get the full effect. Many would think that to be ridiculous. We at Black Label THC say to each their own. 

Cooler Dabs ( 565 degrees ) 

Some dabbers like cooler dabs. Cooler dabs will yield more flavor and will be less harsh, but if the dab is too cold, Black Label Thc products may be wasted. Cooler dabs will prevent banger chazzing as well. (Chazzing is when the banger turns a nasty grey/black. Happens from overheating the quartz too hot and not cleaning after dabs.) 

*Both of those methods above require heat prior to dropping the concentrate in. 

Cold Dabs ( 490 degrees ) 

There is another method of heating up bangers, and that is the cold start. Cold starting is when you put the dab in the banger before heating up. The downside is when you are hitting the banger with a torch the solvent propelling the flame vaporizes and can get into the bucket. That would mean the user is essentially dabbing whatever is used I.E. butane, propane etc. 

Goldilock Dabs ( 525 Degrees ) 

It is possible to find a sweet spot after time however, that can be mitigated by purchasing a heat gun. Point it at the banger and take note of how hot it is. When the desirable spot is found the dabbed can just heat it to that every time. 

Be wary of glass bangers. Cheap overseas garbage is often disguised as quality. The eye may or may not be able to tell so it is advised to trust your banger dealer. 

Some bangers of higher quality are designed with ceramic bottoms. Ceramic is easy to clean and retains heat well. They can get expensive but the hit is smooth. 

So when consuming Black Label THC Products remember you need to find what best works for you and what you most enjoy because dabbing is a lifestyle most will never understand!