3 Ways to Use Cannabis Concentrates. 

There are many different wants to consume Black Label Thc Concentrate, everyone has their own personal preference. Our suggestion is to try each one and see what you like the best! View some of our favorite ways to consume Black Label.

Quartz Straw 

The quartz straw is the one of the best for a variety of reasons. It is the easiest go to option when it comes to wanting to get a good hard dab/inhale without coughing.  The Quartz Nectar Collector is many people’s go-to. Glass/quartz nectar collector, is one of the best ways to consume Black Label THC Products.

Portable E Rig – Puffco Peak Pro 

The Puffco Peak Pro is the hottest tech on the market right now when it comes to portable e dabbing.  It is sleek, stylish and functional.  The Puffco can be controlled from your phone or on the device itself.  When activated, the ceramic bucket heats up to the desired temperature and for the desired time you want it hot. The Pro has various attachments for customization.  You can make it light up, swap chambers and choose from a multitude of accessories.  What it comes down to – the Pro will give you the best, most consistent hit on the market and you will maximize the effectiveness of the product used. https://www.puffco.com/, Using the Puffco and our Black Label products will always be a homerun!

Mix with Flower 

Mixing concentrates with Flower can take your smoking experience to another level.  With so many styles of concentrates, you can do anything you want to your bud to make it more powerful, taste better, smell better, look cooler and accentuate desired effects.  You can tune up your THC with some isolate, add calming effects with a high CBD sauce, drizzle terp sap on the inside of your marijuana cigarette rolling material for a clean burn and taste blast, sprinkle some crumble throughout the roll and even flatten some shatter into a circle to put on top of your bowl.  When doing that, make sure to hold the flame OVER the wax not directly on it, let it melt and then apply flame lightly and it will stay lit, or may even catch a small fire which you must slowly blow out.  then it’s on.  You can literally use any flower and make it THC heavy if that is your choice.

So these are some of our favorite ways to consume our Black Label THC Products

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