Black Label Has Landed in Massachusetts!

Black Label Mass

Are you looking for a concentrates brand that offers bomb dabs at bomb prices? Black Label is now available in Massachusetts. At Black Label, we focus on producing a range of THC concentrates and cartridges that is straightforward for medical and recreational consumers in the Bay State. If you haven’t yet tried any Black Label products, check out our “Find Black Label” page now.

Cannabis in Mass

Recently Massachusetts has begun allowing adult-use cannabis, expanding their already established medical market into a flourishing recreational market. The recreational side of any dispensary is allowed to serve any customer that is at least 21-year-old – regardless of if you are a resident of the state or not. A prominent string of dispensaries, with 3 locations across the state, is Mayflower. They are well known in Boston, Lowell, and Worcester. If you’re looking for an excellent experience at a dispensary, you could check out any of these locations. To make your visit to any of the Mayflower stores better, they now have Black Label stocked on their shelves.

Black Label in Mass

We have taken our time getting to market to ensure we are producing Black Label products with the utmost care and perfection. We never want to rush a product to market, especially our cartridges. You can currently find Black Label cartridges at Mayflower. The goal of Black Label is to expand our product selection by producing dabbable concentrates in the future. The cartridges offer just a taste of what’s to come! 

We are thankful to be in Mayflower stores in Massachusetts in a market that is thriving and growing at a quick pace. Check out our Full Spectrum CO2 cartridges at Mayflower store near you! You won’t be disappointed!